Soal SPMB STIS (Bahasa Inggris)

US UNPenerimaan Mahasiswa Baru STIS memang baru akan di buka pada bulan Maret atau Mei tapi buat persiapan ini saya bagi soal Bahasa Inggris PMB STIS Tahun 2015.

Silahkan komen di komentar jawaban anda dan kita koreksi sama-sama
1.The reading habit______nowdays;the students read more from their gadget than from books and other printed materials
A.Is changing
D.Have changed
E.Has Changed

2.The Grand Canyon_____thousands of tourists every year
B.Was viewed by
E.Is viewed by

3.A presidential candidate boasts in a campaign.”If I______president,I____the social security system
A.become;will change
B.became;will change
C.Will became,will change
D.would become,would change;will change

4.He wishes he hadn’t forgotten his promise.This means that_____
A.He tried not to forget his promise
B.He did not forget his promise
C.He forgets his promise
D.He forgot his promise
E.He could not forget his promise

5.The only solution is_____
A.Lowering thr standards
B.For lowering the standard
C.To lower the standards
D.By lower the standard

6.Do you teach all the tourist how to do batik painting?
No only those_____in batik
D.To be interested
E.To be Interesting

7.Joey lost a fortune in the stock market,_____he still seems able to live quite comfortably
E.As well as

8.He literally stitched mail sacks___
A.When his fingers bled
B.After his fingers bled
C.Before his fingers bled
D.Untul his fingers bled
E.Upon his fingers bled

9.Producing fine painting______skill and creativity
C.Is required
D.It’s required

10.It is believed taht _______city Damascus will take a long time to rebuild
A.It is tremendously damage
B.The tremendously damaged
C.The damage is tremendously
D.The tremendously damaging
E.It is the tremendously damaged

11.We can rebuild.Enalrge the contaiment field.Make it_____than ever!But we need money.
A.Big and strong
B.Big and stronger
C.Much more bigger abd stronger
D.Bigger and stronger
E.Much big and strong

12.The first____river was Citamba located in Kuningan west Java.
A.Made by man
B.Making man
D.Than is man made

13.Anto:Excuse me,Tanti
Anto:I wonder if you could lend me your algebra bookI am doing my homework.
The underlined expressio is used to experts_____
A.Giiving permission

14.I____________English for seven years now
B.Have learned
C.Was learning
E.Have been learning

15.Before I______to London,I________learnign English
A.Had gone,enjoyed
B.Went,did not enjoyed
C.Went,Had not enjoyed
D.Would have gone,have not enjoyed
E.Would go,never enjoy

16.The metal beams_______the saltwater
A.Eventually corrode
B.Eventually corrodes
C.Has been eventually corroded by
D.Were eventually corroded by
E.Is eventually corroded by

17.If we_____this coming match,we_____for the semifinals.
A.Won,were qualified
B.Had won,would have been qualified
C.Would win,will be qualified
D.Win,will be qualified
E.Would have won,shall quality

18.Suppose she_______here.What would you say?
D.Is being
E.Will be

19._______in advance somehow makes him smarter in almost all lessons in class
B.To prepare
C.By preparing

20.Scientist believe thet slepp is the single most important factor____to general health,before even diet or exercise

21.That is not what I meant to say,_____should you interpret my statements as an admission of guilt

22.Because of the accident,the car_______has broken down
A.Which your wife sold to me last week
B.Since your wife sold to me last week
C.As your wife sold to me last week
D.While your wife sold to me last week
E.Did your wife sell to me last week

23.Each of the delegates at the International Conference for women read a statement of policy from________country

24.They own an___________cutting knife
A.Enormous and long handled
B.Enormous also long-handled
C.Enormous but long-handled
D.Enormous weth long-handled
E.Enormous,long handled

25.Rian:’Why did Ria fail in thr oral test?
Eko:”It was because________”
A.She answered nevously the question
B.She nervously answered the question
C.Nervously the asnwered the question
D.She answered the question nervously
E.The question she answered nervously

26.The school director had had stidents________their lessons before the exam begin
A.To review

27.Change this indirect speech into the direct one!
The teacher advised Joko not to be lazy.
A.The teacher said “Not to be lazy”
B.The teacher said “Do not to be lazy”
C.The teacher said “Lazy do not be”
D.The teacher said “You not lazy”
E.The teacher said “Do not be lazy”

28.The way Prof.Molenberghs teaches Mathematics not only keeps the student’s interest________
A.And also increasing their motivation
B.But increases their motivations as well
C.And also to increase their motivation
D.And he also increasing their motivation
E.And also increases their motivation

29.The water flooding the street and_____caused people to panic and leave their valuable behind(M)
A.It was the heavy storm damaging houses
B.Also the heavy storm getting the houses damaged
C.Teh heavy storm damaging the houses
D.Because the heavy storm damaged the houses
E.The houses were damageds by heavy storm

30.According to him,watching football game is as interesting as_______
A.The palying of basketball
B.When he plays baskedtball
C.When playing basketball
D.Playing basketball
E.Played basketball

31.When we lived in Boston,we________ in the restaurant next to our flat.
A.Often ate
B.Often eat
C.Were used to eat
D.Would often eat
E.Have often eaten

32.If i knew what we were doing,it woould not be called research,_________(Albert Einstein)
A.Is it?
B.Isn’t it?
C.Wouldn’t it?
D.Would we
E.Would it?

33.Although the couple has been married for five years,they are still_________

34.Our new principal,who was not used to_______different argiments,was quite skeptic looking at the criticisms about him.
C.Be having
D.Be had
E.Being had

35.The craft was the first really_________airship

36.Rustam:”Why are you sneezing?”
Santi:”Iam allergic to smoke”
Rustam:”Oh________for causing you such inconvenience”
A.Would you mind
B.May I be excused
C.I’m terribly sorry
D.I beg you to apologize
E.Please excuse me

37.While at the mment I_________English grammar,I__________to read the texts in my English textbooks again.
A.Am revising,have alreeady begun
C.Have been revising,began
D.Revise,am beginning
E.Am revising,am beginning

38.People would not need to take time off work______
A.If were they not sick
B.If they are nit sick
C.Shoild they not be sick
D.Had they not been sick
E.Were they not sick

39.He requested that the car park_________locked at ight
A.Should not be
B.Not to be
C.Did not
D.Is not being
E.Was not

40.’He needs a visa because he is foreigner’
We can also say,’_________he needs a visa’
A.Being a foreigner
B.To be foreigner
C.Having been a foreigner
D.In being a foreigner
E.By being a foreigner

41.’I wondered how Azizah will ever manage the business after her father died in the tsunami in Aceh.She has both teh expertise in running the business and________
A.The strong support support from all the members of her familiy
B.She is also supported by all the members of her family
C.All the members of the family strongly support her to
D.She has the strong support from all the members of her famiily
E.There is strong support from all the members of her family

42.Please tell me________
A.Why does Hamid hope his international experience will help him
B.Why is Hamid hoped to help his International experience
C.Why Hamid hopes his International experience will help him
D.Why Hamid is hopes his International experience will help him
E.Why Hamid hopes his International experience helps him will

43.Neither the students not their headmaster______at the school meeting since 8 AM
B.Have been
D.Has been
E.Will have been

44.______is a beatiful island rich in culture has been confirmed by tourist from around the world.
B.Whether Bali
C.If Bali
D.That Bali
E.How Bali

45.’Mother has an interior decorator design the living room’.It menas that_____
A.Mother has to design the living room
B.Mother has asked the interior decorator to design the living room
C.The living room has already been designed by an interior decorator
D.Mother has designed the living room as the interior decorator instructed
E.The interior decorator asked the mother whether she ca design the living room

46.Change this indirect speech into the direct one!
Hasan said that he would give me a pen
A.Hasan said,”I will give you a pen”
B.Hasan said,”He will give you a pen”
C.Hasan said,”I would give you a pen”
D.Hasan said,”He would give you a pen”
E.Hasan said,”I will give him a pen”

47.’I wonder why Agneta has not contracted me for so long’
‘She_______busy looking after her two year-old daughter as her baby siter has resigned.
A.Has to be
B.Should have been
C.Might have been
D.Must be
E.Must have been

48.Father:Which one do you want for your birthday present,Riana,a pair of shoes or a dress?
Riana:I’d rather have a dress than a pair of shoes”
From the dialogue we know yhat Riana________
A.Prefers to have a dress rather tha a pair of shoes
B.Prefers a dress than a pair of shoes
C.Prefers dress to pair of shoes
D.Prefers have a dress to pair of shoes
E.Prefers having a dress than a pair of shoes

49.Dani:”Why are you are here?You are supposed to be at your statistics class, aren’t you?
Zaki:”I WISH THERE WERE NO STATISTICS CLASS TODAY.I have to bring my parents to the hospital.”

From the underlying sentence we may conclude that_________
A.Zaki had no statistics class today
B.Zaki has no statistics class today
C.Dani had no statistics class today
D.Zaki has statistics class today
E.Dani has statistics class today

50.The excellence of a gift lies in how appropriate it is_______
A.More than how valuable it is
B.Rather than how valuable it is
C.How valuable it is
D.Over how valuable it is
E.Than how valuable it is

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